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Through out the island as in the rest of the world our road network is governed by particular speed limits which apply to all vehicular users. These limits have been determined to regulate traffic movement smoothly and safely. The ultimate consideration in establishing speed limits was the ability of a vehicle to stop within a safe distance should a danger arises.

Global statistical analysis illustrates “speed” as being the most important factor leading to road traffic collisions.

The limits in Cyprus

  • 100 Km/h (Max) – Motorway
  • 65 km/h (min) – Motorway
  • 50 km/h – Build Up Areas
  • 65 & 80 km/h – Rural Areas & exceptions to Build Up Areas
  • 30 Km/h – Exceptions in Build Up Areas (Speed Humps – Schools etc)

Legal aspect & Police Practices

The Law provides for imprisonment sentences (Not exceeding 2 years) and/or a fine ( ……..) or both for offenders violating speed limits. Penalty points will also be endorsed.

As a mater of practice which is subjected to Police Standing Orders an offender may be given the opportunity to avoid prosecution depending on the merits of each case as follows:

  • Speed Limit + 10 % - Verbal Warning
  • 11 % - 20 % - Written Caution (Repeated Offenders prosecuted)
  • 21 % - 50 % - Fixed Penalty Notice
  • 50 % + Prosecution

In all cases where high speed is such as to actually endanger or likely to endanger life or to cause substantial damage to [property, offending drivers will be arrested at the spot and processed accordingly.

As mentioned above this is a police practice which basically is adopted as an alternative justice method, which eases off some load from the Courts while at the same time provides a more practical approach to the public. This does mean or imply that it’s a statutory process.

Speed Detection Equipment & Practices

Both the Republican Police and SBA Police are now using modern speed detection equipment with “Laser” technology which provides flexible choice of target, accuracy and reliability.

In the case of SBA Police a different instrument is additionally used to measure the average speed of vehicles. This is the TSS 5000 which is fitted on police cars and operates on the principle of average speed, measure. It basically measures time and distance between two points and provides the average outcome. This check can occur while you are either following or being followed by a police car or even when you are approaching a police vehicle (stationary or not) from the opposite direction.

Speed Checks are performed at locations and during timings when Road Traffic Collisions occur. These data became available to operational police officers following data analysis on Road Traffic Collisions (Hot Spots) by police analysts.

The following table shows the shortest stopping distances of vehicles when braking at ideal asphalt surfaces.